How to Stay Motivated &

Take Action Even When You Don't Feel Good?

Reveal the Concealed Secret to Proven Success: ACTION.

The story behind this book...

Meet Your Author

Martha Mok

Martha Mok is an industry-recognized confidence business coach with a global presence.

An International entrepreneur and founder of Super Confidence Coach, specializing in empowering businesswomen to reach their full potential through confidence and achieving a balance between business, life and relationship balance.

She is recognized in the Top 1% of all women’s confidence, mindset and business coaches in Australia (Featured on Yahoo Finance), an International motivational speaker, an author of 4 eBooks & 1 co-author published book and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

By shifting their mindset and correcting self-sabotage beliefs, Martha has guided many women who had self-doubt to change & create a positive breakthrough in their lives, letting go of past traumas, regain directions and reaching new heights.