Are you ready to absolutely transform your life from just surviving to THRIVING?

Can you feel it in your gut that you were INTENDED FOR MORE in this life?

Do you want to become the confident woman that you were ALWAYS meant to be?

Would you like to start a business that offers both financial reward and fulfilment while helping other people?

What if I told you that you had the power to create a business that changes peoples' lives?


COACHING has been the key to awakening my inner power! If you're wondering when the right time is—


Let me show you how to reawaken your inner strength by reclaiming your power to live a life of purpose. Fill in that missing piece in your core. Making your life a meaningful adventure and your legacy, a legacy you are proud of.

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The Super Confidence Coach – Martha Mok

Hi, I’m Martha Mok. Over 30 the past years, I was a woman in silence...

Despite starting my career in sales at a young age and later building a successful business that won multiple awards for hair and makeup,

I was soaked in self-hatred as a result of emotional trauma. I was hiding deep emotional issues.

My childhood was plagued by years of bullying and being molested by someone I trusted. Rejection and loneliness was part of my everyday life.

After years of being alone, I got married when I was 21 to the first man I knew. I dreamed of a fairy tale life but it was shattered into 19 years of abusive marriage when I was told "you are worthless" every day.

On the surface, I was wearing this shiny mask. A successful entrepreneur that has a big smile and is always positive. Inside, I was this bitter, moody, and insecure woman crying for help but too proud to ask.

I became the greatest pretender.

All those colourful experiences apart, I have always been an advocate for women and a teacher whose main purpose is to make them feel good about themselves.

I didn’t want anyone to feel insecure

and out of control like I was.

Whenever I was not sure that I was worthy in my own skin, I would do my best to ensure others felt worthy. My experiences eventually led me to uncover the truth about how I felt about myself.

Though I have always succeeded and never stopped helping others, this was the first time I was creating actionable tools and generating influential resources for learning to love myself.

I started making the choice of putting myself first and learning more about myself through personal development. I was developing actionable tools and generating influential resources to learn to love myself.

Immediately afterwards, I was able to provide for other women to a new level.

In 12 months, I built my coaching business from zero to six figures.

Being featured in Yahoo Finance as the top 1% confidence, business coach in Australia.

I am a motivational speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, a multiple book author, a confidence coach for women, and a business coach for the beauty industry.

I also train new coaches to stop wasting time and money and achieve super effective results.

But I’m not here to take my success and run with it. I’m here to share what I’ve learned and spread it to other powerful, amazing women JUST LIKE YOU.

I invite you to join me. Together, let's achieve our dreams.

Join me!!

Let’s live out our dreams together. This is a reward you deserve because...


business coach, confidence, top 1%

What sets SUPER CONFIDENCE COACHING apart from other coaching?

Reveal the Secret to Proven Success: CONFIDENCE.

Confidence is your tool to achieve success in life, relationships, and your career.

I am no different from you. Just like you, I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a parent. But I got to my point of being tired of living in the shadows of my own greatness. I realise, is time to CHANGE.

I formulated two programs:

1) Turning passion into a profitable coaching business

2) No More Faking Your Confidence in the Workplace (for women)

Turning passion into a profitable coaching business help new coaches and women to feel confident and avoid overwhelm.

No More Faking Your Confidence in the Workplace (for women) aims to empower women to find their confidence and to stay inspired to reach their career goals. Find balance in your life, your career, and your relationships.

You are never alone in this.

I will be there HOLDING YOUR HANDS THROUGH THIS. You receive one on one support with my "do-it-with-you" approach.

There is no technology too hard, no social media plans too overwhelming or no question is too silly to ask. I am here for you.

You will have the support of other new coaches who are experiencing the same things as you. Both myself and the team are behind you. Our relationship goes beyond accountability.

We are your friends, your tribe, your community supporting you on this journey.

Providing essential support for online businesses

Would you like to start your own business, but you do not have much experience in operating an online business?

Don't have a lot of experience with social media or technology?

With the assistance of Martha and her team of professionals, you will be able to establish a brand-new online business with no worries at all.

Creating a social media presence can be exhausting for coaches and online business owners who are just getting started.

A business' chances of survival depend on its ability to be consistent on social media within its first few months of operation.

Martha and her team will assist you in building your social media presence across multiple

platforms in order to

ensure that your audience is able to reach you as much as possible. Providing you with the flexibility to handle your proprietary list in the manner that is most convenient to you.

Guaranteed results or we will keep working with you.

As opposed to other programs which do not care if you get the result.

I made a promise to get you to the state you want by you putting in the same effort. That means I am committed to ongoing work with you for no additional charge.

It’s your time to achieve financial abundance with unlimited confidence.

Teamwork with the proper planning and access to proven resources will get you where you want to be.

Using my unique method we work together to uncover your hidden values and use your authentic voices to build a profitable and sustainable coaching business,

Let's discuss how I can help to support you and your business...

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